SuperTarget on the Way?

Target LogoEarlier this year there were talks of a Target on the east side of town, however those plans were pulled as Target had bigger plans.

SuperTarget is now setting it’s sights on Waconia and it could become a reality. The 177,000 square foot store would be located on the south side off highway 5 on the east side of town.

Target hasn’t officially announced it’s plans, but the idea has gone to the planning commission for approval.

No start date or completion date is known, but it does look like SuperTarget wants to make Waconia home.

7 thoughts on “SuperTarget on the Way?

  1. Wondering if anyone has any updates on the SuperTarget news? Target’s Web site dosn’t yet list Waconia in its “coming soon” stores list, but I understand it’s still in the corporate approval process. Anyway, this is great news — my wife and I dig the store and we’ll be glad to have one in our backyard.

  2. Hi, I just moved back to the area and I’m wondering if anyone knows anything about the SuperTarget that’s supposed to be opening in Waconia? I heard something about opening this fall, but I’m not sure. does anyone know if they’re having a jobfair anytime soon?
    i’d appreciate it if someone could let me know!

  3. Target recently announced the Waconia location will not be a Super Target, but it will be larger than most. They are testing a new design with the Waconia store, and it may become the new look of Target.

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