Welcome Ground Round Grill & Bar to Waconia

ground round waconia

Waconia welcomes Ground Round! The new restaurant is a nice addition to the city as we have a lack of good sit down restaurants  Besides bars and fast food, there aren’t a lot of other choices. Ground Round is a nice alternative.

Ground Round began construction on July 11, 2012 in Waconia. The new restaurant is 4,812 square feet and features a sports bar, lounge and dining room. They will officially open at 4pm on Monday January 28th, 2013.

It’s a good place to take the buddies, the kids or even get food for take out.

520 Cherry Drive
Waconia, Minnesota 55387

(952) 442-1985

Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 12:00 am

One thought on “Welcome Ground Round Grill & Bar to Waconia

  1. CRAZY! Heads up Waconia.

    Just got home from a family lunch and the new Ground Round in Waconia. I ordered a chicken sandwich with cold slaw. After playing 1,500 shows I’ve tried some great and not so great slaw around the Midwest. For a local example of great slaw try Floyd’s in Victoria or Lolas Lakehouse in Waconia.

    I was served spoiled slaw. The taste was bitter and the smell was pungent. I asked the waitress to have the cooks taste the slaw hoping they would pull the batch before people got sick. Cooks get busy, I get it. Stuff goes bad. She was a sweet girl and gave the slaw a smell. She squinted, pulled her head back, and apologized.

    A short time later General Manager Nadine McDowell returned to the table and said she “tried (my) the cold slaw and it was fine”. I asked if she was kidding as I’ve seen hundreds GM’s in action and NEVER seen them say that to a customer?

    She said it was made “fresh” this morning. I said it’s bad. Bad/foul ingredients prepared in the morning don’t make it fresh.

    She said there was nothing wrong with the cold slaw, that’s how theirs tasted. I said with an attitude like that Ground Round would be closed in a year! She replied “I don’t think so”.

    Not that I wanted one, it was just slaw, but she still charged me FULL PRICE. One thing I’ve seen from the great GM’s in action is the customer is all ways right, even if they are wrong.

    We will be sticking to Lola’s, Floyd’s, Golden Dragon, Pizza Ranch, McDonalds, even Subway. Never again at the Ground Round Waconia.

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