The Highway 5 Mess

It seems like not long ago I was excited that Highway 5 construction was completed. A few week later, they put the orange cones back up and I’m worried that we’ll face another winter in construction.

Now they are working on the new county road 10/downtown connection and I do think it’s a wonderful project. It just bugs me that they didn’t take any of that into consideration before they painted the final lines and put all the lanes back in place from the Highway 5 re-alignment. It seems like a lot of wasted money to me when communication would have done wonders.

When it’s all said and done, it will be nice though as a stoplight at the end of County Road 10 is much needed. The progress seems to have been going quite well and hopefully Highway 5 will be done before Christmas as I don’t want another winter of lane restriction and construction.

On a slightly related note, anyone know what they are doing to County Road 10 on the way to Chaska?  I see lots of trees being cut down.

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