Vehicle Crashes into Holiday Gas Station

Last night a vehicle somehow crashed into the Holiday gas station in Waconia. They did quite a bit of damage to some of the windows, the building walls and some products in the store. No word on any injuries though.

The good news is Holiday is open for business with only a small portion of the store roped off for safety reasons.

My guess is someone put the car into drive instead of reverse and hit the gas. Still it’s quite a bit of damage for going as slowly as they should have been.  Maybe someone lost their breaks when pulling in?

What details have you heard?

Holiday Getting E85

E85 LogoWhile on Holiday gas station yesterday, I noticed that the E85 sign was up, just backwards so that most can’t read it.

Holiday will be the first station, to my knowledge, that offers E85 gas in Waconia.

E85 FlexFuel vehicles can run on either gasoline or E85 – a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline or a combination of both. E85 ethanol fuel is a cleaner-burning, mostly renewable fuel source made from U.S.-grown biomaterial, such as corn or other grain products. It helps reduce greenhouse gases and can enhance the nations economy and energy independence.

Check out the E85 vehicles list as you may be able to use this cleaner, cheaper fuel in your vehicle today!

Also, keep your eye on Holiday as I’m not sure when the E85 will arrive.