Target, AmericInn, Kwik Trip and Walgreens Updates

The name brands are coming.

Kwik Trip is up and running and I’ve been there several times. Not only are the gas pumps fast, but the store has lots of goodies inside and the car wash even made a point to wash my rims.

Target should have a groundbreaking yet this fall. The 145,000 square foot store should open in October of 2008.

AmericInn is almost done too. It could be complete this October but not sure when the opening date may be.

And Walgreens may be coming to town. The city is going to review plans for a store at the intersection of 284 and 5. Personally I don’t think that’s a good location with the intersection being so busy, but something going to pop-up eventually.

Have you heard any news or rumors you’d like to share?