Make Your Own Meals at Supper Thyme USA

Opening March 3rd is Supper Thyme USA. Supper Thyme USA is much like Lets Dish or one of the many other meal making places. You sign up, create your menu and then go in. They’ll supply all the ingredients and help you make everything. Then, you take it home and when you are ready, cook it. All the hard work is done. Usually the only things left are cooking and eating.

My wife has done Lets Dish and it’s worked out well. No only is it easy, but you end up trying new things. More than likely she’ll show up at Supper Thyme USA soon.

Supper Thyme USA

Supper Thyme USA
1309 Oak Avenue
Suite 116
Waconia, MN 55387
(952) 442-1539

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