Taco Bell, Jersey Mikes, Dairy Queen Logos

Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, and Jersey Mike’s opening in Waconia.

More fast food options are coming to Waconia. More tacos, ice cream, and subs options for everyone to enjoy with Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, and Jersey Mike’s.

All three are located right on Highway 5.

Taco Bell is located in front of Mackenthun’s and Dairy Queen is located between Aldi and Subway. Both are under construction but should be open later this year or early 2022.

Jersey Mike’s however is now open. It’s located next to Culver’s & Starbucks. Jersey Mike’s touts their quality, authenticity, and customer service. The biggest difference with Jersey Mike’s is their gluten free options. It’s one of the few places in Waconia that take gluten free seriously.

Variety may be lacking a little, but options are still welcome.

Target Logo

Target is Expanding

Target has proposed a 2,600-square-foot building addition, which would include a second entrance and additional parking to accommodate its online shopping pickup service and floor space for a future wine and spirits store. The expansion is planned on the northwest portion of the existing store and would include a second entrance. In authorizing Target’s plans, the council approved a resolution amending Target Corporation’s conditional use permit and granted a variance that would allow additional signage for the property.

Information via SunPatriot.

People sitting in the theater

The Waconia Theatre reopens with luxury seating, pizza, and, soon, beer.

When visitors enter the theatre the first thing they will see is not the box office but a large pizza oven. The traditional candy counter is being expanded to pizza offerings and a grille with eating options such as appetizers, quesadillas and food baskets. And the usual behind-the-counter drink dispensers have been replaced with “freestyle” machines with multiple drink options. There is also seating near the grille and concessions where viewers can eat, sip and wait for their next performance to begin.

Coming soon will be a bar with an option to purchase beer, wine and cocktails,

While the theatre is now open, there are still a few finishing touches to be put in place, including a new façade on the outside. Also watch for a more formal “red carpet” grand opening April 19.

via SunPatriot

Owners of K&B Fish

K&B Fish / Sushi Coming to Waconia

Brian Curtis has taken the former Dominos pizza location on Olive Street and turned it into a fish market/casual beach restaurant scheme that he calls a natural extension of the Waconia lake vibe. Diners can view Lake Waconia just a few blocks away through a window in his restaurant. And he is anticipating seasonal traffic from boaters on the lake looking for a “grab and go” meal, as well as destination diners looking for a unique dining experience.

“We in Minnesota like our fried walleye and sunnies out of the lake,” Curtis said. He thinks that taste can translate to raw fish creations and seafood as well.

The opening is taking longer than anticipated due to building upgrade and certification complexities, he said. But look for K&B Fish to open its doors in the next few weeks.

via SunPatriot