People sitting in the theater

The Waconia Theatre reopens with luxury seating, pizza, and, soon, beer.

When visitors enter the theatre the first thing they will see is not the box office but a large pizza oven. The traditional candy counter is being expanded to pizza offerings and a grille with eating options such as appetizers, quesadillas and food baskets. And the usual behind-the-counter drink dispensers have been replaced with “freestyle” machines with multiple drink options. There is also seating near the grille and concessions where viewers can eat, sip and wait for their next performance to begin.

Coming soon will be a bar with an option to purchase beer, wine and cocktails,

While the theatre is now open, there are still a few finishing touches to be put in place, including a new façade on the outside. Also watch for a more formal “red carpet” grand opening April 19.

via SunPatriot

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