Welcome Starbucks and Pizza Hut

October 12th was opening day for Target in Waconia and, as exciting as that was, the treat of seeing a Starbucks and Pizza Hut Express inside was even better!

I guess I hadn’t really thought to much about the mini stores that come with Target.  Sure Target has groceries, a pharmacy, clinic, photo department and a little food court, but they usually come with a few big named brands too built in.

To me, I can’t see this harming local business to much.  Pizza Hut doesn’t offer delivery or make pizzas that feed a family.  It’s all individual sized pizzas and even a few breakfast items.

Starbucks doesn’t have a drive through and probably doesn’t even open until 8am.  However, it does offer that overpriced coffee for those that crave it.

I’m just really excited for the Pizza Hut Express.  Mmmmmm

How about you?

3 thoughts on “Welcome Starbucks and Pizza Hut

  1. Checked out the new Target. I say welcome to Wacktown! It is kinda weird since I am conditioned to the ST in Chaska, but they have a pretty great selection of groceries, paper goods, etc., as Target’s usually do. The Starbucks is a definite PLUS, however, they need to control the fly population…that was disgusting. Also, it shouldn’t take 10 minutes to get a coffee, but the people were new & nice so I’ll cut them some slack. I was disappointed in the setup of the Starbucks. It’s not very warm & inviting like the one in Chaska ST, but the window seats are pretty cool. But hey, I’ll get used to it. Besides, if I want to sit somewhere cozy, I can just get my java from SBX & take it over to Mocha Monkey & hang out there! Oh sorry…not very PC now is it? My bad.

    Back to the Target. It is clean, neat, spacious & has a great view of the lake. The aisles are a little too close together. Had a tough time passing other people with carts in some of them. I don’t care too much for the futuristic designing though. Seems cold.

    Overall: a B+ ANYTHING is better than being forced to shop at Mackenthun’s.

    As for the food court, that is kinda disappointing too! I don’t remember seeing any tables. Where are people supposed to sit to eat? I need to go back and look again. lol

    However, it’s nice to be able to get some popcorn or some breadsticks for the kids.

    Glad it wasn’t a WalMart. I hate that store. Nothing says trash like a good ol Wal Mart! Whoopie!

  2. “Glad it wasn’t a WalMart. I hate that store. Nothing says trash like a good ol Wal Mart!”


  3. I have a source within Target, and I hear that more food is coming to the store! Not as much as a super target, but almost! Like fresh fruit and veggies, ground beef, steaks, etc. kinda like what they did at the target in Ridgedale – if you’ve been to that one. This might mean I’ll never have to go back to the overpriced Mackenthun’s!

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