Welcome Starbucks and Pizza Hut

October 12th was opening day for Target in Waconia and, as exciting as that was, the treat of seeing a Starbucks and Pizza Hut Express inside was even better!

I guess I hadn’t really thought to much about the mini stores that come with Target.  Sure Target has groceries, a pharmacy, clinic, photo department and a little food court, but they usually come with a few big named brands too built in.

To me, I can’t see this harming local business to much.  Pizza Hut doesn’t offer delivery or make pizzas that feed a family.  It’s all individual sized pizzas and even a few breakfast items.

Starbucks doesn’t have a drive through and probably doesn’t even open until 8am.  However, it does offer that overpriced coffee for those that crave it.

I’m just really excited for the Pizza Hut Express.  Mmmmmm

How about you?