Goodbye Pizza Ranch. Hello Unhinged Pizza.

It’s a sad day for Waconia. Our beloved Pizza Ranch is no longer. Well sort of.

The Pizza Ranches in Waconia, Norwood Young America, Glencoe, Delano have all changed to Unhinged Pizza.

Unhinged Pizza

Unhinged Pizza has the same owners, managers, and employees so not a lot is changing. They have a new name and have added some new food like ice cream!

256 Twisted Flavors

256 Twisted Flavors

It seems that the owners broke away from the Pizza Ranch franchise and went out on their own. Or that’s what I understand.

From what I’ve heard, the food is just as good as it was and all your favorites are still there.

Locations are all still the same too, it’s just got a different name. Change is scary, but this shouldn’t be to much of a change for us Pizza Ranch lovers.

Unhinged Pizza

6 thoughts on “Goodbye Pizza Ranch. Hello Unhinged Pizza.

  1. The food has changed, at least the chicken has, it’s no where near as good as it was. Kind of sad cause I loved their chicken.

  2. Went there last night with my family and I thought the food was as good as it’s always been.Kids liked the ice cream too. Also liked that they weren’t playing the religious radio station too.

  3. I was at the Glencoe store and thought it really went downhill. The chicken is not as good as before, pizzas are ok at best, but worst of all, it was piss warm at best. Needless to say I won’t go back for a long time.

  4. My family just ate the new Unhinged pizza for the first time. To say I am disappointed just doesn’t quite cut it. We actually threw half the pizza away to avoid another night of family gut rot. Wings were way too small to be actual chicken.

    I have no problem with owners breaking away from the mother ship and making a few extra bucks. But have the common courtesy to give us an edible product and some original marketing. 100% confident we ate here for the first and last time.

  5. to say that somehow things magically changed when they changed their name is ridiculous, they would still have the EXACT same distributors and recipes…so I’m curious how in a day their chicken is no longer as good…silly

  6. Sometime when these restaurants change or drop a corporate franchise name, it’s to cut costs, so cutting corners in other areas of the business becomes popular. Also, cheaper distributors are brought in for “key” ingredients.

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