Goodbye Pizza Ranch. Hello Unhinged Pizza.

It’s a sad day for Waconia. Our beloved Pizza Ranch is no longer. Well sort of.

The Pizza Ranches in Waconia, Norwood Young America, Glencoe, Delano have all changed to Unhinged Pizza.

Unhinged Pizza

Unhinged Pizza has the same owners, managers, and employees so not a lot is changing. They have a new name and have added some new food like ice cream!

256 Twisted Flavors

256 Twisted Flavors

It seems that the owners broke away from the Pizza Ranch franchise and went out on their own. Or that’s what I understand.

From what I’ve heard, the food is just as good as it was and all your favorites are still there.

Locations are all still the same too, it’s just got a different name. Change is scary, but this shouldn’t be to much of a change for us Pizza Ranch lovers.

Unhinged Pizza

D’Vincis Pizza and Pasta

D'Vincis Resturant

D’Vincis has always intrigued us but we never took the time to try it. So on Sunday I stopped in and got some great food to go.

We ordered pasta and it was very good. It also came with soup and garlic bread and we had plenty of leftovers. Other choices include pizza, fettuccine, ravioli, spaghetti, burgers and more. They didn’t have any take home menus available so I think that about covers it. 🙂

You can do eat in, take out or get delivery. They even have a buffet and I think a Sunday brunch. I can’t believe we didn’t check it out sooner. Our first impression is that this is one great restaurant.

Davinci’s Italian Restaurant
540 S Elm St
Waconia, MN 55387
(952) 442-2171

Pizza Ranch – Good Stuff

Pne of the things that first drew my wife and I to Waconia was the Pizza Ranch.

She first got hooked on it in Decorah Iowa. She went to Luther College and so between Pizza Ranch and Mabes, it seems like that’s all they ate. As I visited friends at Luther, I was also introduced to the Pizza Ranch. At that time they had 3D pizzas and those were awesome. Pizza, breadsticks and desert pizza all in one. Mmmm

After living in the cities for a few years we thought about the Pizza Ranch but Decorah was a bit of a drive. We looked it up on the net and found one in Waconia, wherever that was. We got adventurous one day and found Waconia and the Pizza Ranch.

Now that we live here, we still visit often. The 3D pizza seems to have disappeared but the buffet is great. One price for all you can eat pizza, chicken, onion peals, salad, desert pizza and so much more. Even if you don’t feel like going out, the Pizza Ranch delivers to your front door.

I’d have to say it’s the best place to eat in town and one I’d recommend to anyone. From kids to adults, you’ll find great food at the Pizza Ranch.

. o O ( Just blogging about it makes me hungry. )

The Pizza Ranch is located at:
224 WEST 1ST ST.
Waconia, Minnesota 55387
Phone: 952-442-3321