Mitch’s Asphalt Service – Empty Promises, Shotty Work

It’s that time of year again when home owners thing about doing work around their house. Well if you are looking for someone to replace you driveway, I’d highly suggest not going with Mitch’s Asphalt Service. They’ll re-do your driveway, but if there are any issues, they’ll make false promises, not follow through on warranties, and not fix anything.

We hired Mitch’s Asphalt Service  two summers ago. Mitch seemed a little odd, but we were new home owners and trusted him. He gave us a good deal and did replace our driveway. However, the next spring we got a soft spot that started sinking in.

Driveway IssueImmediately I called up Mitch and he said he’d be out as soon as it was warm enough to fix. But he never showed. I then called back many times throughout the summer and into the fall. Each time Mitch said one of three things.

  1. He’d be out in the next week or so to fix it.
  2. It was the cities fault and not his issue.
  3. Pretended he didn’t know me and had never heard of the issue before.

Most of time time it was all three of these.  After every phone call he promised he’d be out. I forced Mitch to give me a day and time and he’d never show.  After more than seven calls, Mitch’s Asphalt Service never once called me back and has never fixed the driveway.

To this day, we continue to have a bad spot in our driveway that will never be fixed.  To make it even worse, I can’t file a complaint as Mitch’s Asphalt Service never gave me anything with their address. It’s almost as if Mitch knew he’d do a half assed job and didn’t want us tracking him down.

So if you are thinking of going with Mitch’s Asphalt Service don’t.  The shotty work, empty promises, and stress are just not worth it.

Mitch’s Asphalt Service
Jordan, MN

Whole Hog Heaven BBQ

When you stop to think about it, Waconia actually does have quite a few places to eat.  Now, you can add another to the list; Whole Hog Heaven BBQ.

whole hog heaven

The ribs and more restaurant opened across from Kwik Trip a few months ago.  It has limited indoor seating but makes everything available for carryout too.

We finally tried it out the other night and the service was fast, food was excellent and restaurant was quite nice.

If you’d like to check out their menu, it’s all online at:

Have you been?  What did you think?  Two thumbs up here!

Call ahead: 952-442-TO GO (952-442-8646)
Visit: 712 Vista Blvd Across from Kwik Trip
On the Web:

Z’s Christmas Tree Farm

Have you been out to Z’s yet to get your Christmas tree? We have!

Christmas Tree FarmActually, this is only my second real Christmas tree ever and the first time I’ve ever gone to cut one. We went out on Saturday morning in the cold and snow. For newbies, Z’s was a great choice. They were friendly and told us how it’d work. We then hoped on a wagon to go out and find a tree.

Now I wasn’t to sure about cutting my own, but the saws they provided cut through that tree like a hot knife though butter. They then put it on the wagon and back to the main farm.

We were also a bit concerned about fitting it in my little Ford Focus. However, they hauled it to my car and put it in and bungeed down my trunk. They did all the work for us and we were quite impressed.

Trees are $40 for long needle, $60 for short. I don’t know how that compares as I’ve never been out to cut my own tree before, but it was the experience we paid for. And a good experience at that.

Z’s Trees also has precut Christmas trees, wreaths & roping, landscape evergreens, fireplace wood and custom log sawing.

Z’s Trees is technically in Cologne but it’s really just outside Waconia on 284. Between Highway 5 and 212.

Z’s Trees – John M Zimmerman
10850 110th Street
Cologne, MN 55322

Youngsteads – Waconia Goodyear – A Fix for Your Car Needs

Waconia GoodyearI have to say that Younsteads/ Waconia Goodyear is a great fix it shop. I take my car there whenever I have an issue and they always have time open. You can call ahead, or email, for an appointment, but it doesn’t have to be far out. I’ve called on my way home before and they said “Bring it on in.”

They do everything from oil changes to fixing AC, replacing tires, belts and pretty much anything you need. They even have a tow truck if you need it. Plus they have great hours. Open from 7-7 Monday-Friday and shorter hours on Saturday. Closed Sundays. It’s really nice to have a shop that expect me to take time off work to get in.

I recommend Youngsteads as they are a good group of people and do great work.

Younsteads/ Waconia Goodyear is located just off highway 5 next to the Marathon station at the stoplight.

43 Hwy. 5 West
Waconia, MN 55386

Phone: (952) 442-1967
Fax: (952) 942-1643

Waconia finally has a real bakery!

The 1st Street Bakery is now open and I’m so excited. I made my first visit today and it’s very nice. New, clean and full of doughnuts. Who could ask for more?

They must have a meeting area somewhere, but I didn’t see it. I could hear a crowd of people, but they weren’t up front. So if you are going to have a social event, it might be worth giving them a call.

I only got one doughnut, and a milk, and it was great. I’m not sure how much a doughnut costs as I wasn’t paying attention to that. I was to busy looking around.

Some may thing that the Mackenthun’s bakery is a real bakery, but nothing in a grocery store can match the atmosphere and quality of a real bakery doughnut.

Now I don’t have to drive to Chaska or fantasize about a good morning doughnut. I guess that’s a bad thing though as it’s way to close and I’ll have to hold myself back from visiting daily.

Info from the business card:
1st Street Bakery – The Sweetest Place in Waconia!
Timothy Larson – Owner/Operator
37 First Street West
Waconia, MN 55387
Phone: 952-442-9010

Retail and Wholesale Opportunities Available

Deardorff Apple Orchards

It’s a great time of year to head out and get fresh apples. We hadn’t been to an apple orchard to pick our own before so we headed out to Deardorff Orchards to check it out.

It’s located just to the east of Waconia on a gravel road. Quite easy to get to, but you have to park on the side of the road.

It’s a farm and not a fancy orchard like other’s we’ve driven by. It’s friendly and has a great family feeling.

We grabbed a bag and took a wagon ride out into the apple orchards and they dropped us off. We then picked whatever apple’s looked good to us.

Most apples were $1 a pound with a few varieties a bit more. It’s a lot more enjoyable then getting them at the grocery store that’s for sure and something I’d recommend for all.

They even have a petting zoo, pumpkins, a nice store and a few other activities. It’s free to go and enjoy and apple’s and pumpkins are priced right. There is fun for the whole family!

Apple Tree

Deardorff Orchards
8350 Parley Lake Rd.
Waconia, MN 55387

Visiting Zen Gardens Center

I’ve had two experiences with Zen Gardens Center in the past week.

The first was when they delivered flowers for my wife. It’s a beautiful bouquet and quite nice.

The second we went and visited Zen Gardens Center. Their pumpkins were priced quite nicely, however no mums as of Saturday. The inside of the store was very nice. Very clean and lots of cool products. We looked at quite a few of the solar decorative lights and almost bought some. The prices seemed reasonable and the store is worth a checkout.

We even asked a few gardening questions and got great answers. It turns out we need manure for our garden area. 🙂

If you get a chance, I suggest checking out Zen Gardens Center. It’s a great addition to Waconia and I know we’ll be going back in the spring of not later this fall too.

Zen Gardens Center is located at the corner of Highway 5 and County Road 10. Phone 952-442-3220

Pizza Ranch – Good Stuff

Pne of the things that first drew my wife and I to Waconia was the Pizza Ranch.

She first got hooked on it in Decorah Iowa. She went to Luther College and so between Pizza Ranch and Mabes, it seems like that’s all they ate. As I visited friends at Luther, I was also introduced to the Pizza Ranch. At that time they had 3D pizzas and those were awesome. Pizza, breadsticks and desert pizza all in one. Mmmm

After living in the cities for a few years we thought about the Pizza Ranch but Decorah was a bit of a drive. We looked it up on the net and found one in Waconia, wherever that was. We got adventurous one day and found Waconia and the Pizza Ranch.

Now that we live here, we still visit often. The 3D pizza seems to have disappeared but the buffet is great. One price for all you can eat pizza, chicken, onion peals, salad, desert pizza and so much more. Even if you don’t feel like going out, the Pizza Ranch delivers to your front door.

I’d have to say it’s the best place to eat in town and one I’d recommend to anyone. From kids to adults, you’ll find great food at the Pizza Ranch.

. o O ( Just blogging about it makes me hungry. )

The Pizza Ranch is located at:
224 WEST 1ST ST.
Waconia, Minnesota 55387
Phone: 952-442-3321

Nancy’s Landing Restaurant Review

Over the weekend we went out to Nancy’s Landing. We’ve heard mixed reviews about the restaurant and have mixed opinions.

Nancy’s Landing is located on Lake Waconia and the view is excellent. With the water every way you look, it’s a great environment to have a meal.

We had made reservations, so our table was ready and waiting when we got there. However, looking around, it wasn’t full. Could have been the time of the day, or the weather, but I expected it to be packed.

We went for Sunday brunch and every Sunday is a different theme. Our theme happened to be ‘South of the Border’ or something like that. So the food included more of a mexican flair. Not being big fans of that kind of food, it made out visit not quite what we were hoping for.

There was quite a bit of food though, from fruits and vegetables to made-to-order omelets and waffles, eggs, bacon, burritos, fish and quite the desert table. There was definitely something for everyone, but yet, not that many choices. It looked beautiful and looked like a lot of food, but I think that since the theme was not our taste pallet, it left us not quite satisfied.

When the check came, it was about $20 per person. Again, with the right theme, it might have been worth it, but this time it just seemed to be a bit much.

I think that if you call ahead and find out the theme before making reservations, you’ll be better off. The restaurant looks great, the view is amazing and the food has the ability to just as good.

Nancy’s Landing
318 Lake St E
Waconia, Minnesota
(952) 442-4954

Ridgeview Medical Center – Hospital Review

I didn’t plan on writing a review on Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia but my wife fell the other day and broke her ankle. We ended up at the hospital for three days and found out it’s a great hospital.

First off, our accident happened on a Saturday afternoon in Eau Claire Wisconsin, so we weren’t exactly close to home. But our ER doctor on Eau Claire called Ridgeview Medical Center and they told us to come in as soon as we got back and he’d take care of us. It turns out that the doctor’s schedule was full Monday & Tuesday and probably Wednesday but nothing was scheduled for Sunday. So he said ‘come on in’ and took care of us right away. That’s service!

My wife had to have surgery and everyone was very informative and nice. We were very impressed and well taken care of. Even for me, the husband, they treated me very well and made sure I was well informed at all times. They even let me say as late as I wanted and come in as early as I wanted.

I’ve been to the Mayo Clinic for everything growing up, and the Ridgeview Medical Center seems much more friendly and inviting. I’d highly recommend it and I’m glad we live so close to a great hospital.